June is Choking Prevention Month, for the safety of every person we support, please take the time to review some of the important topics listed below with your staff.

-The importance of cutting food to the appropriate sizes. Utilize the flexible cutting mats with food levels and cut to size guidelines.  If your site needs more mats, contact Meg Shivers.

-Remind staff to check the mealtime plans for the omitted food list for each diet level.  Omitted items lists are under handy hints for adults or below the signature table for school-aged participants.

-Review the OPWDD Choking Prevention Guide, which should be in all kitchens.

-Review the Heimlich maneuver with the staff

-Review protocol for reporting a choking incident.

-Managers should schedule their site’s Mealtime Refresher Training with Meg Shivers.  Houses and classrooms should refresh annually.

-Mealtime plans must be observed at all times and in all situations-including Home Ec., parties, outings, restaurants, etc.

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