Our Approach

  • Our programs are designed to teach the skills needed to maximize potential while putting each experience in context.
  • Each person’s unique abilities, interests, talents, and needs are a key part of our program planning with every individual’s goals and desires predicated first by their humanity, not their disability.
  • Springbrook is dedicated to the potential of each person and the power of community.
  • We work at school, in communities, and in the home to create an all-inclusive learning experience that makes every day a chance to discover, build, and grow.

What makes us different?

  • Our educational, residential, therapeutic, habilitation, and community support options span all aspects of, and times in, an individual’s life—from birth through end-of-life.
  • Our commitment to advanced research and treatment guarantees that every person we serve has the opportunity for independence and choice.
  • Our staff is the most highly trained, compassionate, and skilled in the field.

Find out more about:

Self Directed Services

Helping people choose their path with sets of services created in partnership with participants and families.

GEMS Residential & Day School

Residential and Day Student options from a pioneering educational program for students with special needs.

Tom Golisano Center for Autism

New York’s most innovative setting for school-aged children with Autism.


Goal oriented and focused on the individual, Community Habilitation is the day option of choice for dozens.

Kids Unlimited Preschool

Learning to play and playing to learn, Kids Unlimited is Otsego County’s only integrated preschool.

Housing Navigation Services

Springbrook seeks to assist people in finding the right place to call home.

Employment Services

Support through all phases of the professional experience for people interested in seeking community employment.

Capstone Day Habilitation

Learning is a lifelong process; our programs offer experiences that enable our clients to reach their full potential.

Community Homes

24/7 support staffing, beautiful facilities, and a place to call your own.


Springbrook provides a range of opportunities for individuals of all ages to get moving and stay strong.

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