The Springbrook Foundation

What is The Springbrook Foundation?

The Springbrook Foundation matches donor interests with Springbrook priorities. We inspire donors to partner with Springbrook through cultivating, soliciting and stewarding diverse resource to enhance high quality programs, build capacity, seize opportunities, and ensure Springbrook’s long-term success. The Springbrook Foundation funds strategic initiatives that directly impact the lives of those supported by the agency and that are not applicable for funding through Springbrook or its affiliates’ operating budget.

Our passion and our legacy require that we are responsible and diligent stewards of our gracious donor’s support that assures the future of the work and mission of the Springbrook Foundation.

The Springbrook Foundation is responsible for managing the financial assets in accord with policies established to assure our future.

Our investments are managed to achieve long-term growth using high quality investment managers that are in keeping with our investment philosophy of diversification, liquidity, and socially responsible stewardship.

If you have any questions about the Springbrook Foundation or the below Springbrook Foundation Request for Support Form, contact Stacey Grady at 607-286-7171 x 283.

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All Springbrook and Southern Tier Connect employees completing this form are encouraged to read the full policy related to Springbrook Foundation Request for Support by clicking the button below

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