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The Tom Golisano Center for Autism focuses on helping children with autism communicate and learn. We believe that challenging behavior is an attempt to communicate a message. That can be changed through communication, positive reinforcement, and consistency. Our program improves students’ and their families’ quality of life by motivating children to learn and increase skills using a scientific, data-driven approach.

The GEMS Residential and Day Program is for students of all levels of ability. This program includes the residential program for children who need the highest level of care and 24/7 support and the day program for children who live at home.

This program is a 10-month school year, and a 6-week summer session. Primary objectives include social and cognitive development, and functional academic, transitional, and vocational learning. We use a wide array of therapeutic techniques and services based on individual needs.

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Helpful Resources

Letter to Committees on Special Education

This letter can be sent to CSEs to assist you with the referral process. If you have any questions contact, Gregg Eggleston at the contact information on the letter.

What is the Referral Process?

Finding a suitable program for a family member with a disability can be overwhelming. This rack card explains the referral process at Springbrook.

Brochure of The School
at Springbrook

This brochure explains the difference between The Tom Golisano Center for Autism and The GEMS Residential and Day Program.

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List of Common

Memorizing lists of acronyms can be overwhelming. We have provided a list of the most common. Download the list for better convenience.

Brochure for The Springbrook Scorpions

The Springbrook Scorpions focus on each individual to ensure they are leading a healthy, active lifestyle tailored to their unique interests.


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