Housing Navigation Services

Creating Community. Achieving Independence.

Working together with family members, Service Coordinators, SDS Coordinators, Direct Support Professionals, and many others, people using Springbrook’s Housing Navigation Services [HNS] craft their own unique living arrangements. Each HNS plan is tailored to help people develop the skills, connections, and friendships that enable them to thrive in their communities and on their own. Whether living on their own, or in a shared apartment with a friend, participants in Springbrook’s HNS program are supported throughout their journey.

Century Sunrise Apartments

Springbrook was chosen as the Support Agency for the Century-Sunrise Apartments. Of 105 total apartments, 26 were reserved for individuals receiving OPWDD services. Our Housing Navigator coordinated the tenant selection process with the Century Sunrise Committee. Prior to moving, this committee worked with the individuals and their teams, including Care Coordination Managers (CCMs) to identify individual needs, potential gaps in service, ensure funding for move in and rent subsidies are in place. After moving in Springbrook’s Housing Team serves as liaisons between the individual, their family/advocate, CCM, and property manager to facilitate communication, address needs, and prevent tenant hardships proactively and as they arise. Springbrook continues to administer rent subsidies and provide housing-related supports to all OPWDD residents. In addition, Springbrook also provides SDS on site for those individuals who choose to Self-Direct their services. The Century Sunrise Office is made up of an Agency Support Broker who creates and edits the budget and related plans and a Fiscal Intermediary who assists with monitoring and maintaining the approved budget and related plans. 

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Find out more about:

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