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Staff travel

Staff travel

Unnecessary travel at this time is irresponsible and increases the possibility of exposure to the employee, other staff members, and our residents.



Guidelines for staff working within a home unit

Situation Saturday – OPWDD Public Forum

This Situation Saturday, OPWDD is inviting people that receive supports and their families to help plan the use of funds from the American Rescue Plan and the development of the agency’s 5-year Statewide Comprehensive Plan. Please click on the link below to learn...

Wellness Wednesday – Vaccine Authorization for Ages 12-15

This Wellness Wednesday, the Pfizer vaccine is on the cusp of approval for distribution to 12-15 year-olds. If you are a parent with children in this age range, we are sure you must have questions regarding safety and efficacy. The below article does a good job of...

Situation Saturday – Vaccine Safety & Efficacy

In light of the FDA pause on the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, this Situation Saturday we want to relate some vaccine information via the CDC. We believe it is important for you to understand the nuances of the vaccine options so you can make an informed...


We are ecstatic to welcome back residential students to the classrooms and halls of the School at Springbrook! It has been a long journey to get to this point, but with clarity and courage, our dedicated educators, direct support staff, nurses and therapists,...

Wellness Wednesday – NEW COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility

Springbrook is pleased to offer a Moderna vaccination clinic on Wednesday, April 14 from 9 am to 1 pm. This clinic will be open to ANYONE, 18 years old or older from the local community. Spaces are limited, so please do not hesitate to schedule a vaccination...

Recent Updates and Resources

The updates to the left are blog posts with our responses to the most current information available at the time. To avoid contradictory information, only the three most recent updates are posted, though the entire thread can be found here.

Home Units

Below are the guidelines for staff working within a home unit:


All direct support employees are assigned to work in only one home. Fully vaccinated employees may work in alternative locations as assigned by management only

All direct support professionals working in a home unit received detailed instructions via email to complete check-in procedures. Additionally, if you work an extended shift, temperature checks must be repeated every 12 hours.
Sing “Happy Birthday” through twice; once for yourself, once for a person who you are supporting so they too can stay healthy and safe!

Fully vaccinated employees are the first choice to accompany fully vaccinated residents (who can adhere to all mask protocols) on chosen community activities


Fully vaccinated residents who can adhere to all mask protocols may choose to dine out at any local restaurant.

Fully vaccinated employees may dine with residents in the home during family-style meals or while out in the community. Unvaccinated employees may not dine with residents or other staff.

“Take Out” includes any fast food or drive-thru. Employees may take unvaccinated residents and students to pick up take-out orders ONLY with Manager approval.


With prior approval, Home Units may visit city or village parks. Community Homes may take community walks along approved routes. For unvaccinated residents – You can take a drive, but everyone must stay in the vehicle at all times (staff and residents), all must wear masks, and the vehicle must remain at 50% capacity. If you would like to enjoy some time outside, we continue to recommend scheduling a time to use Springbrook’s Oneonta Campus or Main Campus outdoor areas for safe outdoor time.

The Main Campus playground may only be used by one residence at a time and is reserved for Community Homes use on Sundays from 3 pm to 6 pm. Please bring disinfecting wipes when visiting the playground, as equipment must be disinfected before and after use by each house. Home unit employees have received instructions on reserving this space. Fully vaccinated staff may remove masks when providing services outdoors as long as you are symptom-free (maintain 6ft of distance when possible)

Any surface that is near a high-traffic area, or touched by multiple staff and/or residents needs attention several times per shift.

Communal (“family-style”) meals between unvaccinated staff and residents in a shared space in the home should not take place. For your scheduled meal times, find a private room in the home that is not used by residents. Do not eat in shared spaces, like dining/living/sitting rooms (even if no one else is in the room with you).

Vaccinated staff may enjoy communal meals with other vaccinated staff and residents


Vaccinated staff may enjoy meal and break times with other vaccinated staff

OPWDD has changed its guidelines in relation to quarantine and isolation for participants.
  • ALL fully vaccinated and boosted individuals do not have to be quarantined after contact with a positive staff or individual that does not live with them if they remain symptom-free
  • Contact with a positive participant living within the home must be evaluated (by nursing/on-call admin) for the need to quarantine
  • Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 must maintain FULL isolation for 5 days.
  • An evaluation of the end of isolation will be completed by nursing.
Please report to your home AD/RN during business hours and the MOC/ADOC/AOC outside of work hours for any positive staff or participants.

Staff Travel

Unnecessary travel at this time is irresponsible and increases the possibility of exposure to the employee, other staff members, and our residents.

Important Reminders
  • All employees should follow all travel guidelines and warnings put forth by the CDC. There should be no international travel
  • Employees should only commute between their home and work location, or to access essential services within their home communities
  • Employees should avoid all unnecessary travel within our region, the state, or the US
  • Noted hotspots change daily and are found throughout the state and country. Staying as close to home as possible is the best way to avoid hotspots
Required Travel Reporting

Required Travel Reporting

Springbrook employees are now ONLY required to report travel in the following circumstance:

  • You were in any state that DOES NOT border New York State for more than 24 hours.
  • To comply with all state mandates, Springbrook requires that employees report ANY travel to non-contiguous states (planned or emergency).
  • You are also required, as per Governor Cuomo’s Travel Advisory, to report your travel to New York State using this form: New York State – Traveler Health Form.

Springbrook employees do not need to report travel within the state of New York, or to states that border New York State (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont).

To help with this process we have updated the Staff Travel Report Form.

For Planned Travel: Notify your supervisor at least two weeks in advance.

  • If you are traveling to a non-contiguous state for more than 24 hours, employees must report any travel, even if the travel does not require the use of PTO (for example, a weekend trip). This is a COVID-19-specific addition to Springbrook’s regular PTO policy.

Reporting Procedure Update:

Reminder: Per Springbrook’s existing PTO policy, you must notify your supervisor at least two weeks in advance of using PTO, regardless of plans to travel.

If you travel to a state that DOES NOT border NYS for more than 24 hrs:

  1. Report your travel to New York State: NYS – Traveler Health Form.
  2. Report your travel to Springbrook using the Staff Travel Report Form prior to returning to work.

If you travel within New York State or to a bordering state (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont) you do not need to report your travel.

Return to Work Procedure Update:

In compliance with New York State’s new Travel Advisory, for employees who were in a non-contiguous state for more than 24 hours:

  • You must obtain a COVID test within three days of departure from that state.
  • You must, upon arrival in New York, obtain a COVID test and quarantine for three days.
  • On day 4 of your quarantine, you must obtain another COVID test.
  • Springbrook recommends finding testing locations that provide rapid results.

You will be cleared to return to work only after providing proof of both tests (negative). You will upload test results to the Staff Travel Form.

  • If you are planning travel, plan in the additional 4 days needed upon returning to New York State.
  • ALL Springbrook employees, including Remote Workers, will be required to quarantine for the three days and test on the fourth day before returning to work.
  • This means Remote Workers will not be permitted to work while in the quarantine period.

Keep in mind – Any delay in test results could result in the use of additional PTO or be unpaid (if PTO is unavailable).

Building Use Procedures

As our regions begin phased reopening, Springbrook’s priority is (and always has been) the health and safety of each person who is a member of our amazing community – residents, students, and employees.
For the safety of all, we have established a set of Rules and Procedures for using our many buildings. These rules apply to all Springbrook employees and are effective Monday, July 16. Please note, FULLY VACCINATED means that this person has completed their initial series of vaccines and all ELIGIBLE booster doses. We appreciate your continued commitment and cooperation as we move together toward a new “normal.”
Building Use Rules
    • May remove masks when providing services outdoors as long as you are symptom-free (maintain 6ft of distance when possible)
    • May remove masks indoors when working alone in an office or when not working with individuals who receive services
    • May take breaks and mealtimes with other fully vaccinated employees (we highly encourage taking these breaks outdoors, and remaining 6ft from other employees when no outdoor option is available)
    • Must wear KN95 masks on any Springbrook property (indoors and outdoors), office location, or Springbrook-operated home (on or off campus)
    • Must remain masked while outdoors
    • Must take breaks and mealtimes alone
    • May remove masks indoors when working alone in an office
    • Clean all equipment and surfaces
    • Office equipment like printing/scanning stations must be wiped with a sanitizing wipe before and after each use
    • Frequently touched surfaces like desktops, countertops, light switches, and door knobs should be wiped upon entry to a space and when exiting
    • Wash your hands frequently
    Building Check-In Procedure
    Before entering a building, STOP at the check-in station, complete the Health Monitoring Check-in Procedure, log your entry, then proceed into the building. You must check-out at the same station when you leave the building.
    Maintaining accurate logs of staff use of buildings is critical. Check-in logs will enable us to complete contact tracing, should the need arise.

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