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Please note: We are NOW accepting applications for Spring 2022. Deadline for application submission is November 15, 2021.

Whether you want to start your college journey or are ready to earn your next degree, the newly redesigned Springbrook Scholars Program has a track that is right for you! Even if you are thinking about college, certifications, or a new degree, Springbrook wants to invest in you.

The newly redesigned Springbrook Scholars program consists of two tracks; Springbrook Scholarships (Tuition-free Programs) and Springbrook Tuition Reimbursement. Each track offers its own unique advantages and gives you the opportunity to tailor your higher education experience to your personal circumstances.

The best part? Springbrook will pay the bill! Tuition Reimbursement programs will cover up to 100% of your reimbursement submission (dependent upon your grade), and if you choose one of our many Tuition-Free Scholarship programs you may only need to pay for your books (and sometimes those are covered too!)

2017.SpringbrookScholars.HR  - Springbrook Scholars

Staff Members from the Inaugural University of Rochester Scholars Class

Left to Right: Enrique Carrasco, Adam Remillard, Michelle Myers, Dr. David McAdam (University of Rochester), Renee Vilbrin, David Clapp, and Dr. David Donnelly (University of Rochester)


To access the applications for Springbrook Scholars, log into your employee role in Dayforce, and navigate to “Learning” in the main menu. Select “Courses Catalog” along the top menu, and scroll to the “Springbrook Employee Resource Information” catalog. Both the Springbrook Scholars Application and the Re-certification Application are available in the catalog.


The Springbrook Scholars program has expanded since it’s inception and continues to offer new and different opportunities for professional development, degree completion, and advanced training. Ask your supervisor about how Springbrook Scholars can fit into your career with Springbrook at your next COUNT meeting!


In partnership with our area’s esteemed academic institutions, Springbrook is proud to offer the following tuition-free scholarship programs. Please see below for specific program descriptions and separate qualifying measures.

Master of Science in Education from SUNY Oneonta
To qualify for a MS in Education from SUNY Oneonta, candidates must be entering into employment at (or be a current employee of) Springbrook, have a Bachelors in Education, and meet SUNY Oneonta’s admissions requirements.

Master of Science in Teaching from SUNY Oneonta
The M.S. in Teaching (M.S.T.) program provides an opportunity for individuals with bachelor’s degrees outside of education to earn teacher certification in special education. To qualify, the individual must be entering into employment at (or be a current employee of) Springbrook, have a Bachelor’s degree, and meet SUNY Oneonta’s admissions requirements.

SUCOLogo - Springbrook Scholars
DelhiLogo - Springbrook Scholars

Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program from SUNY Delhi
To qualify for the RN to BSN program from SUNY Delhi, candidates must hold an Associate’s degree in Nursing from an accredited institution and meet SUNY Delhi’s admissions requirements. Eligible candidates must also meet the following criteria: Employment with Springbrook for 18 months at the time of enrollment with a record in good standing. Years of service at Springbrook and current job role will also be taken into consideration. Provision of a written personal statement. Once admitted, students must meet grade requirements set by SUNY Delhi and Springbrook. Students will be required to submit an official transcript before continuing onto the next course(s). Commitment to work at Springbrook for three years after completion of their last course.

Looking for something different? We encourage you to create your own plan in partnership with a supervisor and department director to pursue an approved certification, associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree at an accredited educational institution in the following areas:

  • BCBA
  • Business/Administrative Fields
  • Human Development
  • Human Services
  • Nursing
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Special Education
  • Or other applicable program(s) approved by The Springbrook Scholars Panel


Need a little more time and flexibility for your higher education goals? Consider the Springbrook Scholars Tuition Reimbursement option. Tuition Reimbursement is available to all full-time employees (with the exception of Self-Directed Services workers) who are considered to be in good standing (Full-time employees are considered to be employees working 30 hours per week or more on a regular basis).

Tuition Reimbursement will be considered for any courses that are deemed relevant to your job performance or are in pursuit of an approved degree or certification program.


To begin any track of the Springbrook Scholars Program you must complete the Springbrook Scholars Application, which includes a personal statement of intent and recommendation statement from your Department Director. The recommendation statement should include specific reasons for the recommendation and how your continuing education is beneficial to Springbrook and supports our mission.

The Springbrook Scholars application, personal statement of intent, and recommendation statement must be submitted to Kelly Suhoke, Springbrook’s Talent Acquisition University Relations Coordinator.

After receipt of your application and supporting materials, you will be interviewed by the Springbrook Scholars Panel, which is comprised of members from departments across Springbrook.

You will also be required to submit official sealed transcripts.

Admission into the Springbrook Scholars program is highly competitive. Scholars represent the very bests of Springbrook – employees who are ready to better themselves and the world around them through dedication, hard work, and a positive attitude. It is an honor and a privilege to be selected as a Springbrook Scholar.


To access the applications for Springbrook Scholars, log into your employee role in Dayforce, and navigate to “Learning” in the main menu. Select “Courses Catalog” along the top menu, and scroll to the “Springbrook Employee Resource Information” catalog. Both the Springbrook Scholars Application and the Re-certification Application are available in the catalog.


Our Investment in You

​As a Springbrook Scholar, we are making a considerable investment in you and your future, and we would like you to be invested in Springbrook. Upon acceptance into any Springbrook Scholars Program, you will be asked to sign an agreement to work at Springbrook for an established period of time (determined by your academic program) following your program completion.

If you choose to leave Springbrook anytime in the agreed upon time period, you may be required to repay up to 100% of your tuition. If you decide to leave Springbrook anytime during your studies, you will be financially liable for the tuition payment of the semester in which you are currently enrolled. After leaving Springbrook, if you choose to remain enrolled in your program to complete your remaining requirements, you will be responsible for all remaining tuition bills.

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