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The School at Springbrook – Class of 2022

The School at Springbrook – Class of 2022

On Thursday, June 23rd, The School at Springbrook honored the Class of 2022. We are pleased to bring you a look at what made this class so special over the coming days and weeks!

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Alexandra Graves

Alex has a talent for music and a flair for drawing portraits. Over the course of her time at The School at Springbrook, Alex has drawn portraits of her peers, family members, and staff. During her tenure at school, Alex has consistently worked on her social and conversational skills and frequently initiates conversations with staff and peers. As a way to develop her independent living skills, Alex has prepared shopping and grocery lists and enjoys planning meals for herself and others. After graduation, she is looking forward to being closer to her family when it comes time for her to move, as well as the opportunity to attend a day habilitation program where she can continue to develop her social and everyday living skills.

The School at Springbrook was pleased to present Alex with the Most Imaginative Award due to her knack for drawing and musical talent. Congratulations, Alex!

The School at Springbrook – Class of 2022

Situation Saturday- Springbrook’s Graduation Class of 2022!

Congratulations to the School at Springbrook’s Graduating Class of 2022! After a cloudy and gloomy morning, graduation day turned bright and sunny as the ceremony began. These young men and women are leaving for their futures with hope and optimism, and we are so proud of them. Don’t worry, more photos are on the way! We will be honoring each of these exciting grads individually over the next few days and weeks since they are all exceptional and gifted in different ways.

Congratulations to the amazing class of 2022!

Donor Dollars At Work- Mobile Standers – School Therapy

Donor Dollars At Work- Mobile Standers – School Therapy

Springbrook promotes independence and dignity for every person who chooses our services. Our physical therapy team’s approach to promoting independence for people with mobility limitations is to emphasize standing, weight-bearing activity, and mobility. Some people require adaptive equipment to assist them in maintaining an upright position. Several School at Springbrook students use mobile standers like those pictured on a daily basis.

Mobile standers allow the people using them to propel themselves and steer using their upper body, while also building core strength. Rifton Equipment uses feedback from therapists at Springbrook to improve their designs and provides a discount on our purchases.

Jofre is using the larger model, which was purchased two years ago with grant funds. This was a significant improvement over older models, so this past year we applied for another grant to purchase a smaller stander to accommodate even more students. A local foundation who would prefer to remain anonymous provided funds for both standers. Ryan and Joffrey are now able to be up and about at the same time, sharing fun (and therapeutic!) activities.

Thank you to our anonymous foundation supporter – you are making a difference!

You can donate below or by texting SPRINGBROOK to 243-725 to make a gift today!

[pictured are physical therapist Deb France, and teaching assistant Keisha Barlett, with students Ryan and Jofre]

Wellness Wednesday- Capstone Day Habilitation Cooking Class

Wellness Wednesday- Capstone Day Habilitation Cooking Class

This Wellness Wednesday we are sharing some photos from the Capstone Day Habilitation cooking class! During each class, the Day Hab participants learn how to cook new things or share a favorite recipe with friends. The art of cooking teaches us many great lessons like how to work together, practice patience, and how to get creative with food. Many of the vegetables used in the recipes are grown right in the Day Hab gardens for a true farm-to-table experience!

For more information about the Capstone Day Habilitation program please see the button below!


Spring Solicitation-Donate Now!

Spring Solicitation-Donate Now!

This week, we’re celebrating another graduating class from The School at Springbrook! These motivated graduates are one-of-a-kind and vibrant in many ways. We are looking forward to honoring their accomplishments, goals achieved, and dreams realized. Please consider making a donation to Springbrook to help every parent realize their child’s full potential. Springbrook meets students and families where they are and provides them with unique and tailored paths to their goals and dreams!

Michele Scanlon has participated in many activities supported by donations, including therapeutic horseback riding. Michele, who started her journey with us at four years of age at the Kids Unlimited Preschool, went on to graduate from The School at Springbrook and now lives in a community home where she demonstrates her independence. Michele continues to be an active team member of the Scorpion Soccer and Basketball teams, with whom she won bronze at the 2016 Special Olympics. Please consider giving a gift to support a person like Michele, now is the time! You can donate below or by texting SPRINGBROOK to 243-725 to make a gift today.

Nominations Open for 2022 Triumphant Life Award and Belden Merit Citation

Nominations Open for 2022 Triumphant Life Award and Belden Merit Citation

2020 Triumphant Life Award winner Beatrice Goff

Take a moment to recognize someone exceptional!

Nominations for the Triumphant Life Award and the Charles A. Belden Merit Citation are being accepted now through Friday, July 17, 2022.

We all know co-workers and individuals who have touched our lives and made a difference in some way – please take the time to thank that special person by clicking the appropriate link below and submitting your nominations.

The Triumphant Life Award

The Triumphant Life Award is an annual honor intended to recognize an individual with a disability who has a relationship with Springbrook. This award is an acknowledgment of an individual’s inspirational attitude and triumphs.

DebCarey scaled - Nominations Open for 2022 Triumphant Life Award and Belden Merit Citation
2020 Charles A. Belden Merit Citation Award Winner Deb Carey

The Charles A. Belden Merit Citation

The Charles A. Belden Merit Citation is an award intended to give special recognition to a Springbrook employee in acknowledgment of unique contributions and outstanding service. The recipient of this award will have demonstrated a compassionate spirit and an exceptional level of care for the people served by Springbrook

Thank You For Your Nomination

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about these outstanding Springbrook individuals!

If you have any additional questions about these awards, please contact us.

Donor Dollars at Work- The Springbrook Scholars Program

Donor dollars at Springbrook are used to enhance the quality of life for those we support, their families, and our employees. This week we would like to highlight the important work of The Springbrook Scholars Program. This donor-funded initiative supports our valued employees to pursue their professional development through college degrees and certifications that are relevant to their work here- either through tuition-free partnerships with regional partners or reimbursement directly to the employee-scholar. Springbrook Scholars is a highly selective program that is an important resource for both employee recruitment and retention. Scholar Brooke Leech said it best- “with the support of my husband and children, the flexibility Springbrook offers, and a generous donor-funded scholarship the hope of someday continuing my education is now within reach. I hope to expand my knowledge to improve the caregiving to the people I serve, better support and lead those I supervise, increase my own confidence, and set an example to my daughters of the importance of lifelong learning.”

If you would like to support our Scholars program please text SPRINGBROOK to 243-725 or click the “Donate Now” button below!

Mary’s Gardening Group at The Capstone Day Habilitation Program!

Mary’s Gardening Group at The Capstone Day Habilitation Program!

The garden is a therapeutic place where people come together to enjoy the fresh air, learn, relax, and connect with other living things and people. This Wellness Wednesday we are sharing some images from Mary’s Gardening Group at The Capstone Day Habilitation program. The Capstone participants had a great time planting herbs, weeding the garden, and painting wooden garden plates. For a full farm-to-table experience, the produce grown from these gardens is used in the Day Hab cooking class. Every Monday, the Gardening Group gathers to maintain the gardens and work on other plant-related projects. We’re looking forward to seeing what blooms in the Day Hab gardens next!

For more information about The Capstone Day Habilitation Program please click the button below!

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