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Weekend Challenge – July 3 – 5

Celebrating 4th of July and Cow Appreciation Day

Craft Challenge

This week we are celebrating 4th of July and Cow Appreciation Day, so let’s see how creative you can be! Can you make a red, white, and blue cow or ice cream? Maybe a collage of famous cows? You have done amazing work at making flags, so how about dressing up in red, white, and blue and posing by your flag creations. Decorate your front porch in red, white, and blue for everyone to see! The options are endless, click here for some ideas. Ten entries will be awarded for the prize drawing for each finished project and picture submitted.

Participate in the Eye-Spy Challenge

Click Here to download this weekend’s I-spy board. Mark off as many squares as you can by working together as a team. Discover ways to find items like going for a van ride, exploring in the yard or a Springbrook outdoor space, or by finding them virtually. 10 entries are put into the prize drawing for each completed board.


Mighty Minutes Tracker


Use this sheet to track the minutes of movement. We are focusing on your weekend minutes, but there will be extra credit for doing it every day of the coming week. An individual prize will be given to the person displaying the most improvement.


Cooking Challenge


This week Chef Alyssa is making red, white, and blue snack pops for the Fourth of July! Ingredients needed include strawberries (or raspberries), blueberries, and yogurt. If there are dairy allergies, coconut milk can be a substitution for the yogurt. If you don’t have all the ingredients, don’t worry and get creative. Ten points will be awarded to the residence that shares the most creative substitutions/additions. Ten extra points will be added for the residence with the most cooking challenge participants.
Nominations Open for Triumphant Life Award and Belden Merit Citation

Nominations Open for Triumphant Life Award and Belden Merit Citation

2019 Triumphant Life Award winner Betty Gross with President of the Springbrook Board of Directors, Tom Maggs

Take a moment to recognize someone exceptional!

Nominations for the Triumphant Life Award and the Charles A. Belden Merit Citation are being accepted now through Friday, July 31, 2020.

We all know co-workers and individuals who have touched our lives and made a difference in some way – please take the time to thank that special person by clicking the appropriate link below and submitting your nominations.

The Triumphant Life Award

The Triumphant Life Award is an annual honor intended to recognize an individual with a disability who has a relationship with Springbrook. This award is an acknowledgment of an individual’s inspirational attitude and triumphs.

The Triumphant Life Award

The Charles A. Belden Merit Citation

The Charles A. Belden Merit Citation is an award intended to give special recognition to a Springbrook employee in acknowledgment of unique contributions and outstanding service. The recipient of this award will have demonstrated a compassionate spirit and an exceptional level of care for the people served by Springbrook

The Charles A Belden Merit Citation

Thank You For Your Nomination

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about these outstanding Springbrook individuals!

If you have any additional questions about these awards, please contact us.

The School at Springbrook – Class of 2020

The School at Springbrook – Class of 2020

On Thursday, June 25th, The School at Springbrook honored the Class of 2020 with a virtual ceremony. We are pleased to bring you all 11 students over the coming week, and a look at what made this class so special!

Triston S 2020 - The School at Springbrook - Class of 2020

Triston is an intuitive, caring, and inspirational young man. One of Triston’s big personality traits is being helpful. Triston loves school and is happy to be working on anything, whether it be goal work, cleaning up messes, or helping to put stock items away. As long as Triston had staff with him to experience a moment together, you could hardly name an activity that he doesn’t enjoy. “Together” is a special and frequent sign language word in Triston’s vocabulary. Outside of school, you’ll find Triston watching his favorite TV show, SpongeBob, or spending time with his family and pets. Triston goes to the County Fair every year with his family, and also enjoys camping with his family as well! He enjoys playing games at Grandma’s and listening to the radio. After graduating from the GEMS Program at The School at Springbrook, Triston will attend a day habilitation program and further build upon his skills. He has a servant’s heart, and he loves his fellow man so much.

The School at Springbrook is proud to present Triston with the award for most likely to cheer you up. He is also the NYS Attorney General “Triple C” Award winner for The School at Springbrook Class of 2020!

Pierstown – Fun Art Friday

Pierstown – Fun Art Friday

This #FunArtFriday, we have another page to our ongoing Community Homes Coloring Book, featuring Pierstown. Say hello to some of the ladies who live there! Jane (left) Princess (middle) and Michele (right), with Home Unit Staff (Rhiannon Ham)

20200403 111113 jpg iKkYOXmw scaled - Pierstown - Fun Art Friday

Other residents not featured include Velma, Vanessa, Sherry, and Doris!

Click on the coloring book page to get the printable .pdf, and don’t forget to share your coloration on your favorite social media site (and tag @springbrookny)!

Pierstown 1 - Pierstown - Fun Art Friday
83782082 790E 4172 A71B 76FAD5FB5422 jpeg o0nlBlN3 - Pierstown - Fun Art Friday
Balance – Wellness Wednesday

Balance – Wellness Wednesday

Motion of any form requires balance. It is important to work on your balance to ensure the healthy and proper movement of the body. This is why training fundamentals are so beneficial. Physical Education teacher and Co-Coordinator for the Springbrook Scorpions Jonathan Philby shares with us an exercise program designed to work on the body’s balance. If you already have an exercise routine, think about integrating Jon’s workout for a “balanced” exercise routine.

2020 School at Springbrook Commencement – Take A Look Tuesday

2020 CongratulationsGrads DS Ad - 2020 School at Springbrook Commencement - Take A Look Tuesday

This Thursday (June 25) at 5:30 PM, the School at Springbrook will hold a virtual 2020 Commencement Ceremony, and everyone is invited!

Click the button below to RSVP, and watch for social media posts starting this weekend featuring the Class of 2020; we can’t wait to celebrate with you all!

Miles and Miles of Springbrook Smiles – Meditation Monday

Miles and Miles of Springbrook Smiles – Meditation Monday

There’s no denying the feel-good power of a smile. Smiling not only offers a mood boost, but also releases endorphins that reduce stress, increase our endurance, and strengthen our immune systems. This #MeditationMonday, let’s take a look at some of the beautiful smiles of Springbrook…and hopefully inspire you to put on a smile today too!
Fun and Games at The Pines – Sunday Funday

Fun and Games at The Pines – Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday Funday (and Happy Father’s Day as well)! This week, we are checking in with our friends at The Pines. These folks love board games, Patty has been mixing it up with Don using photo filters on her iPad and hanging with the house cat, Jingles. Everyone loves a spirited game of UNO, and a new favorite, Rack-o!

What are you doing to have fun? Share with us on your favorite social media channel!

8E53487E 1841 4C95 8C41 5666243173B3 rotated - Fun and Games at The Pines - Sunday Funday
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