When the pandemic began, many people began use technology more frequently than ever to collaborate for work and school, to socialize with family and friends, to attend meetings and services, and even to attend healthcare appointments.

Since the outbreak, to provide regular acute care for residents and students while minimizing their COVID exposure risk, Springbrook significantly expanded the use of telemedicine, or virtual long-distance health care and monitoring.

With this technology, our Wellness Center provider Betty Lee, along with other Springbrook nurses, have been able to provide safe, frequent, and consistent health monitoring for students and residents. The use of telemedicine has also facilitated access to specialists that would otherwise be out of reach for our community. Specifically, Springbrook has been able to provide mental health services to those who need or want it via telepsych with psychiatric providers.

The equipment, software, and contractual services necessary to implement telemedicine for Springbrook over the past few years, especially during the pandemic, have been purchased through grants from state resources and Care Compass Network, a not-for-profit community organization that supports better health care delivery. It is through grants and donations like these that we can provide the best quality of care to those who choose Springbrook!

To make a donation to Springbrook, please visit our giving page or text SPRINGBROOK to 243-725 today!

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