Happy Thinking Thursday! Today we wanted to share some practical ways that the students of Scriven House are keeping their minds razor-sharp! Whether practicing important skills like reading, measuring, and waiting in the kitchen, or developing other important skills like writing, reading, communication, the residents of Scriven House are demonstrating that they are serious about learning!

When asked about opportunities to teach inside the home, Maggie Reopell, one of Springbrook’s Board Certified Behavior Analysts, said:

“Natural environment teaching is essential in transferring classroom-based skills to the home; the final goal being that the skills learned in school can be generalized to other activities within the residence. For example, some things the students work on in the classroom may include learning numbers, manipulating objects in different ways, practicing teamwork, and building patience. In an effort to practice these skills in the residential setting, a natural environment goal of cooking a meal together can further the skill sets of the individuals we serve. Cooking a meal is an excellent way to teach academic skills in a natural setting. Through cooking, our students learn about turn-taking, they identify numbers and measurements, they learn to use their hands in a functional way, and they learn how to wait patiently for something they have created themselves! Natural environment teaching gives our students the opportunity to build their skills while in the residence, which has never been more important it is at this time.”

Come back next Thinking Thursday to learn more about the creative and interesting ways that we keep our minds sharp at Springbrook!

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