Springbrook Scholars Samantha LeBeau
Springbrook Scholars Nicole Valentine-Sokolowski

Today we highlight Samantha LeBeau and Nicole Valentine-Sokolowski, our summer 2023 Springbrook Scholars! Samantha and Nicole embody our core values, aspirations, and dedication to delivering excellent services to the people we support at Springbrook. Samantha and Nicole share a passion for creating a positive impact and ensuring the highest quality of care and support in all they do.

Samantha is a GEMS special education teacher who will pursue a master’s degree in education at Grand Canyon University. Samantha shares, “It is a joy to see the students meeting their goals, creating arts and crafts projects to increase fine and gross motor skills, and following directions. I enjoy teaching at Springbrook and am grateful to continue completing courses needed for my New York State Teaching Certification.”

Like Samantha, Nicole also works as a special education teacher in the GEMS program. Nicole is continuing her Doctorate of Philosophy in Special Education degree from Liberty University. Nicole had this to say about why she chose the Scholars program: “I am passionate about enhancing the lives of students with developmental disabilities through transforming the quality and content of their education, and better preparing future educators to do the same. I want to change the education system, with my primary focus on the population I am currently serving.”

Thank you to our generous donors who help make the Springbrook Scholars program a possibility! If you want to support our Scholars program, please text SPRINGBROOK at (607) 400-8008 or click the “Donate Now” button below!

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