Oneonta, NY: Springbrook, a leader in the support for people with developmental disabilities, is proud to announce that Springbrook Sprouts—an integrated program for children of all abilities—will begin Tuesday, April 30. The program will introduce basic athletic skills to children while simultaneously creating opportunities to make new friends and learn about key aspects of athletics like sportsmanship and teamwork. Over the course of the 6-week program, Springbrook Sprouts will meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6 pm.


Sprouts will bring together kids—age 2 through 7 years—with and without disabilities. Children will learn about sports from their coaches, while also from each other. Children will benefit from quality instruction while also having fun in a safe, supportive environment and learning the importance of acceptance and inclusion.


When asked about the fourth season of Sprouts, Springbrook Athletics Co-Coordinator Nicole Valentine-Sokolowski said: “I’m looking forward to all the smiles and energy our little Sprouts will bring!”


The first session, which takes place on April 30 at 5:00 pm, will meet in the gymnasium at Springbrook’s main campus on Route 28 just north of Oneonta. To learn more about the Springbrook Sprouts program, or to register your child for this free program, contact Nicole Sokolowski at





Springbrook currently provides residential and educational services, respite care, and clinical, therapeutic, and behavioral supports to over 1,000 people with developmental disabilities from across New York State. The organization is Otsego County’s third largest employer, with over 1,300 employees

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