Take the stage and be a part of the greatest game show produced by Springbrook – Springbrook’s Got Talent! Springbrook’s Got Talent gives you the chance to show off your skills and talents to earn cool prizes. Twice a month, check out new episodes where Springbrook residents, students, service recipients, and staff members share their talents and skills, and compete to see how many points the judges award them. What are you waiting for? Send in your submissions today!

Earn Points to Earn Prizes

Submit your entry today! The grand prize will be awarded to the contestant who receives the most points by the end of the season! We are now accepting submissions for our pilot season which starts in April, so be sure to enter to win. For a complete list of rules and how to enter, please click the buttons below.


Resident/ Student Rules - How To Enter

SDS/HCBS Rules and How To Enter

Remember to promote Springbrook’s Got Talent to residents, students, and service recipients and help them with their submissions so they can be part of the fun. We can’t wait to see your talents. Good luck!

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