Renee Vilbrin – 10 Year Milestone

Special Education Teacher – The School at Springbrook

Renee Vilbrin is a Special Education Teacher at Springbrook, and is celebrating her 10-year Springbrook Milestone! Renee joined the Springbrook team as a Direct Support Professional [DSP] with the future goal of becoming a teacher. While working as a DSP, she was able to see what students needed to work on throughout their day, both in the home and in the classroom. She then became a teaching assistant which provided her the hands-on experience she needed to become a Special Education Teacher at the School at Springbrook.

Renee was able to build upon her education by taking advantage of the Springbrook Scholars Program. Renee shares that Springbrook made her realize that there are many opportunities to better oneself, and to help people live their best life by encouraging independence and a happy lifestyle. “I get the pleasure of working with great students and training teaching assistants to become professionals throughout the organization.”

One moment that has stuck with Renee during her years at Springbrook was when she attended a training on a specific communication device. After hard work and dedication, the student who was using the communication device began to excel. “It was a huge success and accomplishment for the student, and that moment will continue to stick with me,” she said.

When asked if there was anything she wanted to share, she replied, “Thank you, Springbrook, for such a great opportunity to grow with the students. It has been a pleasure, and I will continue to support them throughout many more years to come!”

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