Kathleen Murphy – 20 Year Milestone

Day Hab Assistant, Oneonta Capstone

Kathy Murphy began working at Springbrook in 2000, coming to the organization with a degree in early childhood teaching. She began as a one-to-one aide with students at Kids Unlimited Preschool. Kathy had some past experience working at the Otsego ARC for seven years before starting her Springbrook career and knew many of the people who transitioned to Springbrook. A year or so after working at Kids Unlimited Preschool, Kathy transitioned to a position as a day habilitation assistant, and has remained as one ever since. “I knew so many of the people from ARC and it seemed like such a great transition. I could tell in a short time that I found my calling working with these great people,” shared Kathy.

Today we are excited to congratulate Kathy on her 20-year Milestone! So many years with an organization can really change your perspective, and Kathy shares that 20 years at Springbrook has enhanced her ability to embrace overall change. Kathy describes herself as “straight-edged” and prefers things to stay as she is comfortable with them. Springbrook has allowed her to better accept change, and to step back and let others help when necessary—something Kathy said has been a challenge for her. When we interviewed Kathy, we asked her what has kept her at Springbrook all these years and she shared it had a lot to do with the people she supports. “Every day I come to work positive and treat everyone exactly how I would want to be treated if the shoe were on the other foot. This approach allows me to be extremely considerate, and gives me the drive to keep working and supporting these great people,” she said.

In reaching such a Milestone there are always coworkers or managers who are inspiring or role models. For Kathy, that person is Michelle Davis, who she met in 2001 as she transitioned to the Day Habilitation program. Kathy admires Michelle’s work and professionalism. “Michelle is grounded, relatable, and a team player, always willing to lend an ear, give advice, or give a pat on the back for a job well done. She has been a great friend and someone I will continue to admire for years to come,” shares Kathy.

When not providing services for the people she supports, you can find Kathy gardening, reading, doing light housework, and organizing, which she says is part of her “thorough nature.” When we asked Kathy about advice for current and new staff she was more than happy to share her thoughts after 20 years at Springbrook. “It takes a certain kind of person to be successful at Springbrook. Give yourself some time before you decide if it’s right for you, because it’s something that doesn’t happen overnight.” Kathy has always found satisfaction in helping people because of the human connection. Her desire to help people is fulfilled at Springbrook, and working with the people she supports has given her some of her fondest memories, which always bring a smile to her face.

Thank you so much for your 20 years of service Kathy!

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