In the previous Good News Roundup, we introduced you to the new Sidney Plains Region and Assistant Director, Gordon Mumbulo, who helped lead the transition of these homes to the Springbrook community. This week we are excited to introduce you to the residents and staff of two of the homes in the region.

When we visited the houses earlier this month, staff and residents shared their enthusiasm for the support that Springbrook provided throughout the transition and their excitement to officially be part of the Springbrook community. The first two homes that we visited were very different, both in size and number of residents. The first was home to seven people, almost all of whom were spending their time around a large dining table in the center of the house working on personal crafts and other activities. Paulette, a woman living at the house, was enthusiastic to share the crochet ornaments that she was creating.

Lyndsay Carey, the program manager, is excited to be working with Springbrook and has been working in the field from the age of 18. She is happy to provide support and admits that one “makes the day better [for all] by showing up.” Lyndsay has an affinity for helping others and is happy to be collaborating with everyone on her team at the house to deliver exceptional support.


Sidney Plains

All of the residents were out and about at the second house we visited, however the spirit of the house was alive and welcoming, with an art piece on every wall. The art was created by a resident of the home, in various mediums, and was placed all about the house. We hope to have the artist share their work in April, for our annual art show. Currently, there are only two women living at this house, with room for one more, so, we were told, it’s almost always a quiet house.


One of the many benefits of having Springbrook in Sidney, is the day programming that residents can now take advantage of and participate in at their leisure. A resident from each house we visited was away at Springbrook’s Capstone Day Habilitation Program in Oneonta, participating in day programming. One resident, we were told, was excited to resume attending the Oneonta day hab for programming (which they had been part of in the past) because it gave them the opportunity to be reunited with friends.

Just as the houses had been brightened by holiday décor on the inside, the spirit of the holiday gave everyone we spoke to a cheery disposition as they talked of the strength of teamwork that the Springbrook community generates and the transparency of communication and collaborative work to make each day the best that it can possibly be for those who choose services at Springbrook.

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