Every parent dreams the same dream for their child; that they are content and healthy, that they build meaningful relationships, and that they have every opportunity to reach their potential. Springbrook shares these same dreams for those we support.

It is our goal to support every individual that chooses Springbrook through all of life’s milestones. If you believe in the work we do- please consider giving a donation today. For every person who calls the Springbrook community their home, your support provides a place to: Feel joy, love, and confidence. Discover new ideas. And pursue a life of meaning with dignity and respect.

Pictured is Michele Scanlon. Michele’s journey with Springbrook began when she was just four years old at our Kids Unlimited Preschool Program. From there, Michele moved on to become a student at our GEMS School. After graduation, Michele chose to continue her journey with us by moving into Cook Street, a Springbrook community home, where she still lives today!

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