Today marks the beginning of Springbrook’s milestone appreciation, which will honor staff members who have accomplished significant Springbrook milestones in their careers. Join us as we recognize and congratulate our milestone employees for their years of exceptional service!

To kick off our milestone appreciation we would like to recognize the 2021, 10 year milestone employees. We thank each of you for your hard work and dedication to Springbrook. Last month, as a way to celebrate their exceptional service, Springbrook hosted a milestone employee reception for both the 2021 and 2022 milestone employees. The day was filled with laughter, great conversations, delicious food and drinks, and even some competitive games of cornhole. Stay tuned as we introduce more milestone employees! 

Pictured above from left to right: Kira DeLanoy- Catherin Gleason- Marisa Wamsley- Meg Shivers.

Please used the arrows below to look through the photos from this year’s milestone reception!

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This Take a Look Tuesday we are recognizing more 2021, 10 year milestone employees. We thank each of you for your hard work and dedication to Springbrook! Stay tuned as we introduce more milestone employees in posts to come!

Pictured from left to right: Jonathan Philby-  Daryl Kozecke- Jamie Bliss.

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Springbrook extends a huge thank you to all of our 10 year milestone employees! Your commitment and hard work never go unnoticed! With the conclusion of our 2021 10 year milestone recognition, we will begin to celebrate our 15 year milestone employees! Stay tuned as we continue to honor and congratulate our milestone employees for their years of exceptional service.

Pictured from left to right: Stephanie Patrick and Christopher Hulbert.

Not pictured: Jordan Eggleston, Kendra Butler, Megan Love, and Scott Hastings.

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This Situation Saturday we are recognizing the first of many 2021, 15 year milestone employees. We appreciate all of your efforts and commitment to Springbrook! Stay tuned as we introduce more milestone employees in posts to come!

Pictured from left to right: Laurie Goodspeed- Brad Seeley- Patricia Meinel- Amanda Steinert

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This Take A Look Tuesday we are continuing to recognize the 2021 15 year milestone employees! For over a decade, these employees have been providing quality support, services, and making the difference in the lives of the people who choose Springbrook! More milestones to come!

Pictured from left to right: Melissa Martin- Howard Colburn- Corinn Parsons- John Field

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Another thank you to these 2021 15 year milestone employees! Your compassion and dedication to providing the best service and support to those who choose Springbrook is always appreciated! Stay tuned for more employee recognition to come!

Pictured from left to right: Darcy Perez- William Hiskey- Jen Green- Max Collins

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We are honoring the remaining 2021, 15 year milestone employees on this Situation Saturday!

Springbrook extends a huge thank you to all of our 15 year milestone employees! Your commitment and hard work never go unnoticed! With the conclusion of our 2021 15 year milestone recognition, we will begin to celebrate our 20 year milestone employees! Stay tuned as we continue to honor and congratulate our milestone employees for their years of exceptional service.

Pictured Top Row Left to Right: Melissa Tansey- Nate Shutters- Sharon Harvey
Bottom Row Left to Right: Dyanna Chiodo- Roseann Oneill

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This Wellness Wednesday we are recognizing a few more 15-year 2021 milestone employees! Thank you to Janel Reardon, Debora Llewellyn, and Jennifer Declemente! 

These employees have been providing quality support, and services, and have made a difference in the lives of the people who choose Springbrook for over a decade! When asked to share a moment from their Springbrook career that has really stuck with them, Debora Llewllyn, a direct support professional located at the Earlville Community Home, shared “Working with such a caring group of people.” Stay tuned as we continue to honor and congratulate our 20-year milestone employees for their years of exceptional service.

Michele Davis has worked for Springbrook since 1996 and is celebrating her 25-year milestone. For the better part of 25 years, Michele has dedicated her knowledge and understanding to those who attend the Oneonta Day Habilitation center with person-centered compassion. Michele’s first introduction to Springbrook was at the then-new Kelly Corners community home, where she worked for three years. After taking a brief hiatus to raise a family, Michele was “talked into” becoming an LPN by friends who could see that she would have what it takes: a good-natured attitude and a beneficent approach to care.

Michele is humble in discussing her work. When COVID-19 protocols were implemented, Michele and other LPNs at Springbrook took the opportunity to adapt to the changes and how they worked to accommodate in-person visits to community homes and virtual visits. In many ways, Michele is grateful for having the one-to-one time with residents—which she doesn’t always have the opportunity for at day hab—and whom she got to know more personally during this time. “It’s nice to be back here [at day hab]; I missed working with everyone,” she says.

Michele and her husband have celebrated 28 years of marriage and have 14-year-old twins entering their first year of high school this September. Together, they have enjoyed regular camping trips to the Adirondacks, and several cruises to the Caribbean islands. Michele has been to Jamaica, where she swam at Dunn’s River Falls, zip-lined through the jungle in St. Lucia, and swam with stingrays in the Cayman Islands. The next major goal that Michele would like to achieve is retirement, but admits that it is a long way off; besides, “I love my job, and most days it doesn’t feel like work,” she says.

Lisa Walker Milestone

Lisa admits to having “lost count” of the years she has worked for Springbrook—but we know she has been with the organization for 20 years. When Lisa’s sister and friends spoke highly of Springbrook—and the fun they had working with the people that Springbrook supports—Lisa thought she would apply for a position as a direct support professional to work in a house on Springbrook’s Main Campus. The thought of excursions, play, and crafts with kids excited her. Initially, Lisa started at Parker House, which was later decommissioned to make way for the Family Engagement Center. She then moved into an assistant manager position at McDowell House until the day that building was decommissioned and Hilltop and Highland House were built to support more on-campus students. After one last move to Hilltop on the Springbrook campus, Lisa made a final move to a community home; she has worked as a residential manager in a community home in Milford for about two years.

After working on campus for most of her career with Springbrook, Lisa was apprehensive about moving into a residential manager position in a community home because she was worried that she would miss out on the joy she shared with the kids while working as an assistant on campus. In many ways, her former position gave her the opportunity to “act like a kid” and play and do crafts throughout the day. However, when she took on the role of residential manager, she says she had a “pretty smooth transition,” which she says “just seemed to fit.” It may be that many of the staff with whom she works also transferred from the campus and are now united under the roof of the same community home. It could also be that, as Lisa says, “The residents at Milford are awesome.” While Lisa misses being one of the kids and spending the day creating and doing crafts, she loves the calm and “mellow” atmosphere of the community home in Milford.

When Lisa first started at Springbrook, she thought it would be temporary; however, to this day, she continues to share in the joy of those around her. When asked if she had any advice to offer new employees with the organization, she said: “Be excited about coming to work.” And if an employee is feeling overwhelmed? “Stick through it, and you’ll be okay because it’s normal to feel overwhelmed at first.” Lisa is eager to see people excel in the community homes and tells everyone who comes to her for training to always reach out with questions. Outside of work, and despite the outgoing nature she brings to her job every day, Lisa is a true homebody who loves spending time with her dogs. She adopted her dogs, pit mixes, from the local SPCA. In her spare time, she crafts in her dedicated craft room, often crocheting baby blankets or booties. Other times, she can be found out of doors.

When asked what she might do if she were to retire, she said: “Travel to Ireland and visit the castles.” While we would be happy to have you send us a postcard, we are delighted to have you with us now, Lisa. Congratulations on 20 years!

MaryAnn 2022 Milestone

MaryAnn Sciame, Administrative Assistant of the Residential School Program at The School at Springbrook—25-Year Milestone Employee
MaryAnn has been an administrative assistant of the residential school program for 25 years at The School at Springbrook. Still, her office has acted as more than just an administrative space during her tenure. The “fish bowl,” as MaryAnn refers to her office because it has a windowed-180* view of the halls at the entryway to the school, has been a learning hub, a holiday haven, a sanctuary, a training ground, and more for staff but also for the students that MaryAnn encounters each and every day. MaryAnn cannot be missed within her fishbowl. Every student who attends The School at Springbrook makes their way through the doors to her office near the main entrance each day and leaves the same way. This is a point of joy for MaryAnn, who has a good-hearted story for almost every one of the students who have passed through the school doors throughout her career.

As an administrative assistant, MaryAnn has gone beyond her everyday work duties to work with many students and their teachers over the course of her career to challenge the kids and help develop their social skills and engagement with others. One student was inspired to meet a new goal: to greet MaryAnn each morning with a “hello.” They worked with their teacher to begin actively engaging with MaryAnn, who would say hello in the morning and good evening in the afternoon. Enticed by the reward of a Skittle, the student began to introduce themselves. Before the year ran out, the student would greet MaryAnn every day without the expectation of the Skittle. For MaryAnn, saying goodbye to some of these students at the end of their school years is the most difficult part of her job. Graduation may be bittersweet, but she gets great joy from planning graduation, from sizing and ordering caps and gowns to putting together gifts for the students upon graduation.

You may not catch it in her word choice or slight accent, but MaryAnn grew up, went to school, worked, and lived in downstate New York. Over the course of her early life, MaryAnn lived in the Bronx and later on Long Island, then went to school in Manhattan. However, during her tenure at Springbrook, MaryAnn has lived in the same home since first arriving upstate. After leaving the city lights behind her for the cool darkness of a wooded lot on an unmaintained road, MaryAnn dedicated herself to her work. This has included organizing graduation and decorating for every holiday on the world calendar.

MaryAnn has never missed a holiday at the school and decorates the bulletin boards outside of her office, the windows to her office, and the office interior. A few of the students’ favorite holiday decorations include scarecrows at Halloween, learning about the presidents of the United States on President’s Day, and the bright pastel décor of Easter. As one would expect, MaryAnn decorates her home (on a smaller scale) for the holidays, as she does throughout the school year. Ask MaryAnn what her favorite holiday is and she will tell you, “Hallowe’en.”

MaryAnn continues to push her retirement back and cannot imagine her day-to-day without having regular interactions with students in it. If MaryAnn ever does decide to retire, we hope that she makes the best of her time in the garden, supporting the growth of her plants. In the meantime, thank you, MaryAnn, for your 25 years of dedicated service and support of Springbrook and the students and staff at The School at Springbrook.

Linda’s passion for working with our incredible community can be traced all the way back to 7th grade! At an early age, Linda learned about those with developmental disabilities through a program in her school that was provided by their home economics class. Before finding herself at Springbrook, Linda worked as a waitress and in various offices. However, not one of these jobs made her feel the way that helping people made her feel. Throughout her time with Springbrook, Linda has held numerous positions within the organization. Currently, she is an HCBS Aide; prior to that, Linda was a direct support professional (DSP) and worked in Self-Directed Services (SDS).     

Originally from New Jersey, Linda moved to the Richfield area approximately 30 years ago with her husband. After hearing about Springbrook through a friend who had been recently hired, Linda began to look more into what Springbrook was and what it stood for. Upon finding out more information on the history and how the organization came to be, and learning about Springbrook’s Christian heritage, Linda’s interest in the organization was piqued even more. While Linda hoped to find a career at Springbrook, what she gained was a sense of purpose. When asked to share advice for the people who are looking to start a career with Springbrook, Linda said: “You’ve got to work for your passion, you need to be where your heart is.”

Linda is no stranger to adventure. In 2004, she decided to go on a 32-day long cross country trip all by herself! This trip was an amazing experience for Linda—not only was it a trip to see the beauty of our country but it was also a spiritual journey for her. Linda has family scattered across the U.S., in fact in 32 days on the road Linda spent 9 of them without family. As she traveled down the East Coast to Virginia, to all the southern states across to Arizona, then up to Colorado and then through Kansas, Linda wrote everything in a journal so that she could reflect on some of her greatest memories. Family connections have always been important to Linda, and soon she will be meeting one of her youngest of 7 grandchildren. Due to COVID, Zoom has been the only way she has met them, but after 3 years she will finally meet them in person!

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