While in Binghamton for the Blackstone Housewarming Reception, Commissioner Kerri Neifeld, who serves as the Commissioner of the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), made it a point to visit the Century Sunrise Residences in Johnson City. Springbrook proudly supports 32 residents of Century Sunrise. Commissioner Neifeld toured the apartments and met with residents who shared their thoughts about and experiences with living independently while managing a disability. The discussion ranged from the importance of adequate security, to appropriate physical modifications to a living space, connections to family and friends, and access to a dynamic and supportive community.

After visiting the Century Sunrise Residences, Neifeld attended the Blackstone Community home housewarming event. The Commissioner celebrated with residents, their families, and Springbrook staff. The residents gave the Commissioner a tour of their home and had the opportunity to express how important the move to the Blackstone house was for them. One of the residents of the house, Rhonda, shared, “I would like to give a big shout out to the people involved in developing Blackstone and putting the time out to help get this house in shape. I would like to thank the residents I am living with and the staff for helping us gain skills and become stronger adults!”

At the closing of the event, Patricia Kennedy, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Springbrook said a few lovely words to the residents of the Blackstone house, sharing, “This is just the start for people. This is the house and each one of you will put the color, the love, the memories, and all of the good things that will make this a home… I look at each and every one of you and the path you have taken to get here has been awesome.” The final speech from the celebration came from Kerri Neifeld who stated, “I am just happy to be here to celebrate the opening with you. I have enjoyed their new home. It’s a really wonderful place for the staff to be proud of. I think what Patricia said is right. This is just the start.” We would like to thank all who helped make the opening of the Blackstone Community Home possible and to the residents and staff for being such wonderful hosts. Another big thank you to Commissioner Neifeld for joining us in celebration of the Blackstone Community Home housewarming!


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