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Community Homes

Empower the life of another and earn a starting wage from $17 – $22  and up to $1,500* in bonuses

*Pro-rated for part-time employees

*Details upon hire

The School at Springbrook

You can help a child reach their potential and earn $1,500* in bonuses. 

*Pro-rated for part-time employees

*Details upon hire

Being a DSP is an amazing and rewarding job based on building relationships with awesome people. The home setting and energetic work environment make it easy to feel comfortable while remaining productive.

Remington Crandall

Overnight DSP

I love working with the people we support. Working in direct care gives me life. I have learned so much about myself and found the patience to learn, teach, and live a more fulfilling life with less excuses. I am overall more happy on a daily because of my job and caring for the people we support.

Tanyette Bassknight

Assistant House Manager

It may be cheesy, but the students teach me just as much as I teach them. The feeling you get when you make them smile is a reason for me to get up in the morning.

Lukas Shaw

Teacher Assistant


Extraordinary Bonuses

$1500* in sign-on bonuses!

*Pro-rated for part-time employees

NEW Starting Wage

In 2022 we implemented an OVER 7% Base Wage Increase. $15 – $22 an hour depending on program and a $1 differential on the weekends. 

Dayforce Wallet

Dayforce Wallet allows you to access your pay when it works for you, not just on payday! You can also use the Dayfore Wallet app to transfer your available pay to your Dayforce Prepaid Mastercard as soon as it’s available. You can transfer the amount you need, and use it at any time, for any reason at no cost to you! The app also helps you to manage your money.

Springbrook Scholars

Springbrook offers opportunities for employees to join the Springbrook Scholars program. This program covers everything from Master’s Degrees and Advanced Certifications to single-course tuition remission.

Employee Referral Program

Refer a Friend or Family Member, if that person is hired and remains employed you will be generously compensated. The longer they stay, the more you get paid! Up to $1,000!

Paid Time-Off

4 weeks of paid time-off and 8 days of sick time!

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