20 years is an incredible milestone for a career, especially in this day and age when people change jobs often and the average time in a position is just over four years. We are immensely proud of these milestone employees and are pleased to bring their stories of celebration to our community!

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Rhiannon Ham – Employment Specialist

Rhiannon Ham began working at Springbrook as a Direct Support Professional. She worked in an on-campus residence for nine years, finishing as an Assistant Manager before beginning work in Day Habilitation. Five years later, she was promoted to her current role—an Employment Specialist. Rhiannon shared, “When I first started working at Springbrook, it was only meant to be a summer job before returning to college. At the time, I just wanted to gain some more experience in the field I was going to school for. I never imagined that it would turn into a career.”

Today we are excited to congratulate Rhiannon on her 20-year Milestone. When we interviewed Rhiannon, we asked her to share a few of her favorite things about working at Springbrook. She happily replied, “I love seeing the enthusiasm for life that so many people have. So many face difficult life obstacles but still face each day with a smile on their faces. I love watching the progress that the residents make.” In addition, Rhiannon enjoys helping others and is described as thoughtful and caring by her friends and peers—two characteristics of her grandmother, whom she is inspired by. Springbrook has given Rhiannon the satisfaction and fullness that comes with helping others and making a difference every single day.

In reaching such a Milestone, there is always some great advice for those just starting at Springbrook. Rhiannon shared, “You need to treat everyone how you would want to be treated to be successful here and in life. We provide support to so many amazing individuals. Just have fun and remember that if someone has a bad day, don’t take it too personally. Each day is a new beginning and new opportunity to make a difference.” These are words that Rhiannon lives by, and you can tell even by a quick exchange of words with her that she genuinely makes it her mission to make that difference in the life of everyone she meets.

When not providing services for the people she supports, you can find Rhiannon studying her family genealogy, studying astrology, or reading a good book. She is excited to start her next book, The Testaments. You may catch her reading some when she visits Massachusetts to head to the beach to soak up some sun and rejuvenate herself. Who doesn’t like some relaxing time at the beach? Thank you so much for your 20 years of service, Rhiannon!

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