20 years is an incredible milestone for a career, especially in this day and age when people change jobs often and the average time in a position is just over four years. We are immensely proud of these milestone employees and are pleased to bring their stories of celebration to our community!

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Jeff Thorne – Assistant Residential Manager

Dedicated, caring, and humorous are just a few of the things Jeff Thorne is known for at Springbrook. For 20 years, Jeffrey, Assistant Residential Manager at Springbrook’s Otego Community Home, has committed his time, talent, and heart to the people supported by Springbrook. Jeff began his career with our organization as a Direct Support Professional. Before starting at Springbrook, Jeff worked for ARC for eight years and made great friendships with some of the people he supported there. One of Jeff’s favorite individuals left ARC and came to Springbrook for supports and services, and that is when Jeff made the move to Springbrook—not willing to lose that connection. 19 years of service later, Jeff now happily holds the title of Assistant Residential Manager.

Jeff shared that even as a young man, he was passionate about helping others. Jeff’s parents can attest to that since Jeff regularly heads to his parents at least once a week to help run errands, mow the lawn, and do some housework. This kindness and aptitude to help others carry into Jeff’s work at the Otego Community Home. He cares deeply for all the people he serves and ensures they receive the individual support they need. So when we asked Jeff about his favorite things about Springbrook, he energetically and immediately listed three. “My three favorite things about Springbrook are the residents. Secondly, is the staff I have the pleasure to work with, especially our manager. Lastly, it is the opportunity to do different things with the residents that they wouldn’t normally be able to do or experience easily on their own,” shared Jeff.

Jeff is truthful about his career with Springbrook, admitting that there have been some challenges. This perspective is at the heart of his advice for new staff or anyone interested in joining the Springbrook team. “You have to come into work with an open mind. Some residents face more challenges that, in turn, become your challenges. But, if you keep the people you support in mind and have the willingness to learn and the drive to make a difference, the challenges are inconsequential.” shared Jeff.

You can find Jeff spending time on his patio with his wife, listening to music, or practicing woodworking outside of work. Currently, he is working on making a bar out of reclaimed pallets—he admits that he’s not that great at building things yet, but enjoys spending time learning and taking the initiative to try new things. This positive attitude, along with Jeff’s exceptional work ethic and optimism, are only a few of the reasons Springbrook is fortunate to count him among our group of Milestone Employees. Thank you, Jeff, for 20 years of unwavering commitment!

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