Meet Jake and Bailey, the puppies who have won over the hearts of Day Hab and the Oneonta Campus. Jake and Bailey were introduced to Day Hab through Karen Sacco, a Springbrook occupational therapist who believed that it would be beneficial for people who come to Day Hab to be around therapy dogs. Karen brought Jake and Bailey home in August of 2022 and started training them right away. She hired a trainer to help with manners, socialization, walking on a leash, and following commands.

Jake and Bailey come from a New York dog breeder specializing in Komorebi Labradors and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Jake has a yellow coat and Bailey has a black coat, and they have been inseparable since they were born in June of 2022. The people who come to Day Hab know the puppies’ names, give them lots of treats, and often accompany Karen when she takes the dogs out for a walk. The puppies are not yet therapy dogs, as they have more training to complete before then, but they have a great temperament and love people. We are so excited to have Jake and Bailey here with us at Springbrook!

2022-Therapy Dogs- Day Hab

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