As we enter mid-fall we’d like to check in with you on this #WellnessWednesday to ensure that you are vigilant about protecting yourself, and others, against the seasonal flu. We know that during the past year concerns about the seasonal flu have been overlooked, and while COVID-19 prevention is still our first and foremost concern, we’d like to remind everyone to take all necessary precautions to prevent illness. We highly recommend that you either set up an appointment with your primary care provider or go to a local pharmacy or flu clinic to get the flu shot.

To find a complete list of the places dispensing flu vaccinations, please click below or check out this brief list of a few local locations dispensing flu shots for your convenience.

Rite Aid
Price Chopper
Wal Mart
Well-Now Urgent Care
Oneonta Specialty Services

Find a Flu vaccine clinic near you!

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