On Friday, January 13th, the therapy dogs at Springbrook, Jake and Bailey, visited the classrooms at Day Hab. Beginning at the arts & crafts room and making their way down to the cafeteria, Jake and Bailey brought a little cheer and excitement into all the spaces they entered.

Day Hab participants have been visited by Jake and Bailey whenever the puppies are available, and they have learned how to give the dogs commands such as “sit” and “down.” Jen Elwood, a Day Hab participant, even had the opportunity to hold Bailey’s leash as the dogs made their way down the hallway.

As Jake and Bailey entered the cafeteria, exclamations of “Look at the dogs!” were heard. The dogs’ tails wagged non-stop as they got lots of pets and attention. We hope you enjoy these adorable photos of Jake and Bailey’s visit at Day Hab!

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