Spirit Week and Self Care

This week we are celebrating two themes—Self Care and Spirit Week.
For your self-care challenge, we are inviting you to make glitter bottles. These bottles are a great stress reliever and are calming to look at when you feel anxious. For additional entries for the prize, make a poster that shares how you practice self-care (reading, exercise, meditation, etc.). Click here to learn how to make a glitter bottle, or make your own. Ten entries will be awarded for each glitter bottle created and 10 additional entries for each self-care poster.

For the School Spirit Week challenge, we are asking you to participate in the Spirit challenges for the week of June 1- June 5. Each day of Spirit Week is listed below. Have everyone in your residence participate in the agency-wide activities and be sure to get pictures for each day. Hold on to those pictures for the next Weekend Challenge, where they will be submitted for entries for the prize drawing. 10 points will be awarded for each picture of your residence participating each day. Remember, to get pictures on June 1st – 5th to be submitted for next weekend’s challenge.


June 1- Make your own Monday- Each house picks a theme for the day.
June 2- Tie Dye Tuesday.
June 3- We are Springbrook Wednesday- Wear your Springbrook gear.
June 4- Thursday- Hat Day.
June 5- Friday Flag Day- wear red, white, and blue.


Participate in the Eye-Spy Challenge


Click Here to download this weekend’s I-spy board. Mark off as many squares as you can by working together as a team. Discover ways to find items like going for a van ride, exploring in the yard or a Springbrook outdoor space, or by finding them virtually. 10 entries are put into the prize drawing for each completed board.


Mighty Minutes Tracker


Use this sheet to track the minutes of movement. We are focusing on your weekend minutes, but there will be extra credit for doing it every day of the coming week. An individual prize will be given to the person displaying the most improvement.


Cooking Challenge


This week Chef Alyssa is showing how to create red, white, and blue snacks to go along with the Spirit Challenge for next week. To make these creative Flag Snacks, you will need strawberries, blueberries, cream cheese, whipped cream, and graham crackers.10 entries will be awarded into the prize drawing for each Flag Snack created. 10 additional entries will be awarded to the house with the most Flag Snacks.

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