Celebrating Hot Air Balloon Day and Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Last weekend, we asked everyone to take part in Springbrook’s Spirit Week and to get pictures for each day of the week that a residence participated. We hope staff took some good pictures and held on to them, because they can be submitted for this Weekend Challenge!

Craft Challenge

To celebrate Hot Air Balloon and Chocolate Ice Cream Day, show us your creativity by making a balloon craft/picture, or a chocolate ice cream cone picture/craft. The sky is the limit, so let your imagination run wild. Click the links here and here for ideas on how to get started. 10 entries will be awarded for the prize drawing for each creation. 10 additional entries for a picture of you eating chocolate ice cream while doing your craft challenges.

Participate in the Eye-Spy Challenge


Click Here to download this weekend’s I-spy board. Mark off as many squares as you can by working together as a team. Discover ways to find items like going for a van ride, exploring in the yard or a Springbrook outdoor space, or by finding them virtually. 10 entries are put into the prize drawing for each completed board.


Mighty Minutes Tracker


Use this sheet to track the minutes of movement. We are focusing on your weekend minutes, but there will be extra credit for doing it every day of the coming week. An individual prize will be given to the person displaying the most improvement.


Cooking Challenge


Chef Alyssa made egg salad this week in an amazing costume she made herself out of poster board! To make your egg salad, you will need eggs, mustard, mayonnaise, (olives optional), paprika, salt, pepper, and some slices of bread! Ten entries will be awarded for completing the recipe. Ten entries for creating a costume like our famous Chef Alyssa, and an additional ten entries for doing the chicken dance (with video proof) as requested by a special friend!

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