Travis Gray, awarded the Charles A. Belden Special Merit Citation in 2018, is now marking his two-decade milestone at Springbrook. Given his dedication and expertise, it’s not surprising that he has remained with the organization for such a long time. Travis’ family has a history of solid work ethic in care professions such as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and his aunt Betty seems to have passed down her attentive and dedicated approach to serving others.

Throughout his career, Travis held various positions at Springbrook. These have included working at the Capstone Day Habilitation program and Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). He also worked overnight shifts at West Oneonta, Otego, and Oak & Elm to be available for his children during the day. Frequently, Travis found himself working alongside Robin Platt. Travis considers Robin to be a mentor and source of inspiration. He said of Robin, “She was my go-to; if I had a question, she had an answer. She’s dedicated and kind, and Springbrook is lucky to have somebody like her here for as long as we have.”

At the Capstone Day Habilitation, Travis witnessed the positive and remarkable changes in the children of The School at Springbrook who, as adults, attended the Capstone program. So, Travis jumped at the opportunity to work with the students when a lifeguard position opened at the school. As a teaching assistant at the school for the past three years, he has worked with the Adapted Physical Education team (APE) and serves as a lifeguard. He finds great satisfaction in interacting with the students and assisting them in reaching their goals.

Congratulations, Travis, on your 20-year milestone achievement!

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