A fabulous Fun Art Friday to you! Today was the scheduled opening for Springbrook’s Art Show, “This Moment,” at the Fenimore Museum in Cooperstown. We have postponed the show until next year, but we still wanted to share the artwork that everyone worked so hard on. This art was created by students at the School at Springbrook and residents from the Community Homes program. Thanks to Kirchelle Alston, Art Therapist at The School at Springbrook, and to Jacob Burrows, Residence Counselor in Community Homes, who coordinated the submission of this artwork, and of course, to all the wonderful and talented artists! We look forward to showing your work in person in April 2021!

Living in the Moment

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas
By Brianna Hart’s class, School at Springbrook
Students: Marya F., Osiris J., Jacob L., Dominic M., Noah P., John B.

Beautiful Minds

Mixed Media
By Nicole Valentine-Sokolowski’s class, School at Springbrook
Students: Christin D., Ryan F., Khloe G., Finnley H., Michael S., Madison B.
From Ms. Valentine-Sokolowski: “We titled this piece Beautiful Minds because each student is unique and brilliant.”

As We Reach for the Sky

Cyanotype on Fabric (Sunlight is used as a developing or fixative agent)
By Jessica Elliot’s class, School at Springbrook
Students: Christopher B., Isaiah E., Diana L., Colin M., Charles O., Dustin R., Mason V.
From Ms. Elliot: “The students thought it was cool to see the finished sun prints! It was difficult for them to understand what they were doing at the time they were creating it, but they really enjoyed seeing the finished product.”


Canvas Mosaic
By Community Homes residents
Top row: Swart Hollow, West Oneonta, Pierstown, and Otego
2nd row: Glens Bridge, Kelly Corners, Bird Ave, Cook St.
3rd row: Stone Quarry, Chellis Nichols, Milford, The Pines
4th row: Oak & Elm, Johnson Circle, Walnut St., Ford Ave.
Squares around the outside were done by Ford Ave.

Fenimore Art Museum

While we are disappointed to cancel this year’s exhibition, we enjoy our long-standing relationship with the Fenimore Art Museum. Click the button below to experience some of the pieces on display from their beautiful collections!

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