We are thrilled to recognize the winner of the 2020 Triumphant Life award. The Springbrook Triumphant Life Award is an annual award intended to honor and give special recognition to an individual with a disability who has a relationship with Springbrook. The Triumphant Life Award is an acknowledgment of an individual’s attitude and triumphs.

We recognize our winners differently from previous years as we adapt to the challenges of the COVID-19 virus. Raising several health and safety concerns, the Employee Luncheon—a time to come together and celebrate accomplishments and recognize our award winners—was canceled. While we cannot celebrate these awards in person, we can spread the news of the 2020 award winners throughout the Springbrook Community by other great means.

Triumphant Life Award

Congratulations to Beatrice Goff as the winner of the 2020 Triumphant Life Award! Beatrice first came to Springbrook in 2012, around the time of the grand opening of the Tom Golisano Center for Autism – a premier program designed for young people with a primary diagnosis of autism. When Beatrice first arrived at Springbrook, she had difficulty communicating with others and transitioning from the house to the school. As Beatrice began to warm up to classmates and staff and develop her skills, her personality began to blossom.

Today, Beatrice is a recent graduate of The School at Springbrook and has grown into an independent young woman driven to reach any goal she sets her mind to. If you’ve had the pleasure to meet Beatrice, you’ll notice that she’s a fashionista and has developed her style, topped off with her trademark accessory— an arrangement of hats. She is always on the lookout for new ones that catch her eye, ready to add to her collection.

Beatrice is an entertainer. She happily stands in front of a crowd to sing, dance, or share her thoughts and opinions. Beatrice also loves music. She plays many instruments and sings her favorite songs with her peers. She is bubbly and confident and, since her time at The School at Springbrook, has made the most improvement in her social interaction skills. Outside of the classroom, you can find Beatrice sitting out in the grass, listening to all her favorite songs, socializing with friends (socially distanced, of course), and eagerly waiting for the time she can enjoy another Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival with her family and friends.

Beatrice has made many friends at Springbrook and leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets— she is a person who will put a smile on your face. Maggie Reopell, Behavior Specialist at Springbrook, shared one of her favorite memories of Beatrice. “Beatrice would visit me in my office at the end of the day, and one day, in particular, I could hear her coming from two hallway lengths away. She was singing ‘Ice Ice Baby’ and dancing down the hall. When she made it to my office, she had a huge smile on her face and got us up, out of our chairs, and we all started singing and dancing with her.” Beatrice is so inspiring to others because she truly embodies the motto of living life to the fullest. She encompasses all the qualities that the Triumphant Life Award recognizes, and from everyone at Springbrook, we would like to congratulate Beatrice for receiving this award.

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