Springbrook is continuing to highlight the many things that we are implementing which make us the premier employer in the region. The organization provides employees the opportunity to go back to school with our Springbrook Scholars program. This program provides a tuition-free track and a tuition-reimbursement track. Whichever track an employee pursues, Springbrook will pay the tuition for employees interested in pursuing their bachelor’s or master’s degree or continuing their education on a part-time basis.

To showcase this awesome program and recognize the 2021 Springbrook Scholars graduates, we recently interviewed a handful of these graduates, who shared with us their personal accomplishments and goals for the future with Springbrook. Congratulations to Jessica Jester, Shannon Carreras, Jessica Levielle, and Jessica Weston. Please watch, like, and share the video to learn how Springbrook is continuously re-imagining next-generation employment for this generation. #TakeALookTuesday #Hiring #HiringNow #JobSeeker #ApplyOnline #Opportunity #Jobs #SpringbrookNY #SpringbrookScholars

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