As part of our interview series leading up to the Sidney Plains region celebration on the 26th, we are highlighting Brandy Parker, a resident at Pierstown community home in Cooperstown. Before moving to Pierstown, Brandy lived at Parkview community home for over 15 years. Brandy saw first-hand the benefits of the Sidney Plains region expansion, as it gave her the opportunity to grow and meet an amazing group of friends at Pierstown.

One of the recent additions to Pierstown is Brandy’s pet bearded dragon, Bella. Bella is six months old and loves to eat fruits, vegetables, and worms. Bella also loves to climb on things, especially Brandy.

Brandy enjoys watching movies with her friends and her favorite movie genre is horror because she “loves the thrill.” Drawing is another activity that Brandy does a lot of at Pierstown. Her favorite things to draw are portraits of people and magical castles, but she also excels at drawing spooky things. We had so much fun visiting Brandy and Bella and we are overjoyed that Brandy loves Pierstown!

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Brandy Parker

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