Crystal-Nicole Skuderin – 10 Year Milestone

Classroom Aide – The School at Springbrook GEMS Program

Congratulations to Crystal-Nicole Skuderin on her 10-year Springbrook Milestone! Crystal shares that working at Springbrook has changed her perspective on many things. “It has been a long journey of learning and self-growth. I have learned what helps my students get through their hard times, and I have applied those same ideas to help me get through the hard times in my own life.” Crystal has taken her passion and discovered a way to make a difference in the lives of the students she supports and shares that watching the students learn and achieve their goals makes her heart “melt.”

Crystal began her Springbrook career in January of 2000 at the Kelly Corners Community Home, where she worked until 2004. After a 5-year hiatus, Crystal returned to Springbrook as a Shared Aide in the School at Springbrook’s Residential Program, where she discovered her passion for being a part of the student’s growth and progress. While working in the GEMS program, Crystal was able to hone her skills in ABA, TLC, Pre-wages, and early academic programs. Since then, she has become a Classroom Aide and has a goal of soon receiving her LTA.

When we asked Crystal why she has stayed at Springbrook throughout the years, she shared, “There have been times when I have thought about a different job, but when I’ve looked at Springbrook overall and realized this place had become a second family for me. Family sticks together.” Thank you for your years of service, Crystal, and congratulations on your milestone achievement.

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