Here at Springbrook, we love to practice yoga, and in the nice weather, it’s especially lovely to take our stretching exercises to the park, like we did last August. This Meditation Monday, bring a little Namaste into your life. Here’s a step by step instruction for a simple pose with an adorable name–the puppy pose! A cross between child’s pose and downward dog, the puppy pose lengthens the spine and calms the mind.

Step1 Final png 2omLX46N - Puppy Pose - Meditation Monday

Start out on a mat or carpet on your hands and knees. Align your body so that your shoulders are directly above your wrists and your hips are in line with your knees. Inhale.

Step2 Final png ey1OEZrh - Puppy Pose - Meditation Monday

Exhale, then move your hands out in front of you a few inches and move your buttocks back about halfway to your heels. Your arms should be pressing forward, with just your hands touching the floor.

Step3 Final png uRzDhZ88 - Puppy Pose - Meditation Monday

Next, drop your forehead down to the mat or carpet, and relax your neck. Press your hands down and forward into the floor, and feel the stretch in your arms. At the same time, move your hips back toward your heels. By moving your arms and hips in opposite directions, you can get a good stretch in your spine. In this position, breathe normally and feel the stretch in your spine. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Step4 Final jpg png 20klWWmL - Puppy Pose - Meditation Monday

Bring your buttocks to rest on your heels. Relax. Repeat.

Yogainthepark 2 jpg HTL0zmns - Puppy Pose - Meditation Monday

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