Regular attendance is important and expected in order to ensure our continued ability to provide consistent, quality care and support services. Management recognizes that employees will be absent from the workplace on occasion; however, excessive absence from work has a negative impact on Springbrook’s ability to provide quality care and support. This policy shall apply to all Springbrook employees.

Employees who will be late or absent are responsible for notifying their manager, supervisor, or his/her designee at least two (2) hours prior to the beginning of their shift, unless unable to do so because of an emergency. In a case of an emergency, contact should be made as soon as possible.

Failure to call or report to work for a scheduled shift for two (2) consecutive scheduled work shifts is interpreted as an abandonment of job, unless it is determined that such notice was not possible.

Leaving work prior to the end of the scheduled shift is considered “leaving early”. Failure to complete at least 50% of the scheduled work day is considered an absence. Each occurrence of leaving early is considered a separate incident under this policy.

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