People Experience Continuity and Security

As part of Springbrook’s commitment to excellence for those we support, we will be sharing an Outcome of the Month for reflection with participants, staff, and administration. For September 2019, we bring you the outcome of “People Experience Continuity and Security!”

I went to Dayhab when I was at Walnut St, and go there now! – John


  • People control the type and amount of change and disruption that occurs in their lives.
  • Economic security enables people to plan their own lives and futures.
  • People have the economic resources that cover the basic requirements for a place to live, food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and leisure.
  • People have protections for their personal resources.

Principles for Organizations

  • Provide supports and services to minimize disruption to people’s lives.
  • Assist people to gather the economic resources to support basic life activities.
  • Maintain stability in the person’s home and work, unless the change is made to enhance the person’s life (with the person’s involvement).
  • Take action to correct the situation when changes occur due to factors other than individual choice.
  • Engage in systems advocacy to promote greater security for people.

If you have any questions about the values and principles described, or how to facilitate a discussion with participants and your team, contact your supervisor. Thank you for your help in keeping Springbrook a leading service provider!

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