People Have Intimate Relationships

As part of Springbrook’s commitment to excellence for those we support, we will be sharing an Outcome of the Month for reflection with participants, staff, and administration. For February 2019, we bring you the outcome of “People Have Intimate Relationships!”


  • People define their own requirements for personal relationships and types of intimacy.
  • The choices people make are respected by all who support them.
  • People have the right to develop and express their sexuality.
  • Each person is responsible for his or her relationships and sexuality. No person can dominate or exploit another.

Principles for Organizations

  • Assist people to explore feelings and desires, evaluate experiences, and make choices about intimate relationships.
  • Support people in forming, pursuing, and maintaining intimate relationships.
  • For people who lack experience with, or knowledge about, intimate relationships and sexuality, present options for training and support in expressing intimacy and sexuality.

If you have any questions about the values and principles described, or how to facilitate a discussion with participants and your team, contact your supervisor. Thank you for your help in keeping Springbrook a leading service provider!

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