Each employee should conduct Springbrook business with the highest level of integrity. Employees may not have outside interests that in any way conflict with their primary obligation as employees of Springbrook. Any conflicts should be communicated to the Director of Finance. If an employee is uncertain as to whether a transaction or situation the employee is considering presents a conflict of interest, the employee should request and receive from the Director of Finance a written determination regarding that situation.

Borrowing Money

Under no circumstances is any employee of Springbrook to borrow money from a resident or a resident’s family or guardian.

Gifts and Gratuities

No employee of Springbrook is to accept or solicit money, at any time, from a resident, resident’s family or guardian, visitor, vendor, etc. Should such be offered, it should be graciously refused. The acceptance of small gifts may be appropriate, but under no circumstances should gifts of any kind be accepted where a possible conflict of interest may arise as determined by the Administration of Springbrook.

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