For this Take a Look Tuesday, we wanted to share some moments from the past few times when The Magic Paintbrush has come to the School at Springbrook. The Magic Paintbrush uses large canvases, gallons of paint, hundreds of brushes, hands, feet, arms, and legs to make works of art with students of all abilities (and staff too)!

Jennifer O’Brien—mother to a child with autism— sought a way to expand on the therapies that her daughter was receiving. She founded Magic Paintbrush with the inclusion and creativity of all individuals in mind. This fun, expressive approach to art therapy is something that anyone can enjoy because the experience is adapted to each person who participates. When asked about The Magic Paintbrush, O’Brien said: “It’s not about painting art, it’s about encouraging movement!”

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Learn More about Magic Paintbrush

Magic Paintbrush, now known as createABLE is based out of Johnson City, NY. Click the button below to learn more about their programs!

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