This Meditation Monday, we want to focus on our mindfulness. One way you can be more mindful is to “live in the moment.” It is important to remember all the things we should be grateful for, even the little things, no matter what else is happening around you. So, how can you practice living in the moment?

Start your day with a smile. You are in control of your attitude, so keep it optimistic. If you are intentional about it for a while, you will eventually see your shift in attitude become second nature. Fully appreciate the moments of the day. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, and the emotions—both in triumph and in sorrow. Forgive past hurts and let go of harboring pain. Dream about the future, but work hard today. Do not dwell on past accomplishments, but instead focus on all the possibilities ahead. Stop worrying and try to appreciate today to the fullest. If you can only live one moment at a time, you might as well make it the present!

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