Lindsey Symonds – 10 Year Milestone

Assistant Director of Community Services – HCBS

Today we recognize Lindsey Symonds for her 10-year milestone at Springbrook. Lindsey has worked in many Springbrook departments during her career. She started in a part-time position as a substitute Residential Counselor in Community Homes while she was in college, working toward degrees in Human Services and Psychology. After graduation, she became an HCBS Coordinator in the Norwich office—helping to coordinate habilitation and respite services for people Springbrook supports. As Lindsey gained more experience, she advanced to her current position as an Assistant Director of Community Services.

When Lindsey first began working at Springbrook, she thought it was going to be a temporary job during college to gain experience in the human services field, but she has stayed because of how rewarding each of her positions have been. “Springbrook has allowed me to grow in my career from the time I was working on my education to when I graduated college and beyond. I have been able to find positions that align with my education, interests, and lifestyle,” shares Lindsey.

Lindsey enjoys helping people and knowing that she has made a positive difference in their lives, and she feels that she has been able to accomplish that with each of the positions she has held at Springbrook. For anyone interested in a career at Springbrook, Lindsey shares, “apply for any positions you think you may enjoy and take full advantage of the trainings Springbrook offers. There are so many different types of positions that appeal to so many different people with various levels of education, experience, and interests.”

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