Linda’s passion for working with our incredible community can be traced all the way back to 7th grade! At an early age, Linda learned about those with developmental disabilities through a program in her school that was provided by their home economics class. Before finding herself at Springbrook, Linda worked as a waitress and in various offices. However, not one of these jobs made her feel the way that helping people made her feel. Throughout her time with Springbrook, Linda has held numerous positions within the organization. Currently, she is an HCBS Aide; prior to that, Linda was a direct support professional (DSP) and worked in Self-Directed Services (SDS).

Originally from New Jersey, Linda moved to the Richfield area approximately 30 years ago with her husband. After hearing about Springbrook through a friend who had been recently hired, Linda began to look more into what Springbrook was and what it stood for. Upon finding out more information on the history and how the organization came to be, and learning about Springbrook’s Christian heritage, Linda’s interest in the organization was piqued even more. While Linda hoped to find a career at Springbrook, what she gained was a sense of purpose. When asked to share advice for the people who are looking to start a career with Springbrook, Linda said: “You’ve got to work for your passion, you need to be where your heart is.”

Linda is no stranger to adventure. In 2004, she decided to go on a 32-day long cross country trip all by herself! This trip was an amazing experience for Linda—not only was it a trip to see the beauty of our country but it was also a spiritual journey for her. Linda has family scattered across the U.S., in fact in 32 days on the road Linda spent 9 of them without family. As she traveled down the East Coast to Virginia, to all the southern states across to Arizona, then up to Colorado and then through Kansas, Linda wrote everything in a journal so that she could reflect on some of her greatest memories. Family connections have always been important to Linda, and soon she will be meeting one of her youngest of 7 grandchildren. Due to COVID, Zoom has been the only way she has met them, but after 3 years she will finally meet them in person!

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