Today we are recognizing Gordon Mumbulo for his 15-year milestone accomplishment! Gordon is the assistant director for community homes in the Sidney Plains Region. Teamwork and growth have been two important characteristics of the time Gordon has worked at Springbrook, and he takes pride in the work he does here, as well as the professional relationships he has developed. When asked about his career thus far, Gordon shared, “I attribute the successes to the teams I have had the pleasure of working with and the supports all around me!”

Gordon fondly remembers the many events he has had the fortune of attending with his friends from Cook Street over the years, like football games, the State Fair, and visiting Pennsylvania! He also highlights the expansion of the Sidney Plains Region in the last year as one of his favorite memories at Springbrook. Gordon advises new Springbrook employees to always remember that they are supported, and if they are ever struggling, someone will be there to help. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication over the years, Gordon!

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