What You Should Know About Electronic Visit Verification (EVV):

What You need to know

The New York State Department of Health is now requiring (since January 1) that OPWDD service providers (like Springbrook) implement Electronic Visit Verification [EVV].

What is EVV?

EVV is a system that may include multiple point-of-care verification technologies, such as telephonic, mobile, and web-based verification inputs. The system electronically verifies the occurrence of home-or community-based service visits, identifying the time that service provision begins and ends to ensure accurate claims disbursement and safeguarding that beneficiaries who are authorized to receive services get the expected care.

EVV is used to:

  • Verify visits on a real-time basis, including date, location, type of service, individual(s) providing and receiving services, and duration of service(s)
  • Validate hours of work for home health employees
  • Eliminate billing data entry mistakes
  • Reduce costs related to paper billing and payroll
  • Help combat fraud, waste, and abuse

EVV for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)


EVV for Self-Directed Services (SDS)

EVV will be captured for SDS in Annkissam – click here for training resources

Frequently Asked Questions

When will staff be required to start using EVV punching for clocking in and out?
Per New York State regulation, this is now in effect since January 1, 2021
When should staff punch in and out using EVV?

Staff should clock in at the start of their shift (upon arrival at the same location as the individual) and clock out at the end of their shift.

When should staff enter their timesheet notes, mileage, and staff activity fees?

At the time of service delivery

Will the GPS track staff throughout their shift?

The GPS signal is only to capture the location at the beginning and end of each shift per EVV regulations. GPS is not captured during the duration of the worked shift.

Will Springbrook be paying for the data usage of staff using EVV?

Springbrook will not be paying for data or internet for SDS staff. If staff do not have a data plan on their phone, they can connect to WiFi at their location, or use a device provided by their managing employer to punch in and out. There is also a telephony option which can be used on the rare occasion there is no internet service or devices available at all. That option should be discussed with the SDS Coordinator.

How will staff enter PTO?

PTO and sick time will still be entered as it was previously in the FMS website.

Is this change only for Self-Direction? Is this only a change at Springbrook?

This is a statewide change for all agencies. EVV is required for SDS as well as traditional HCBS Community Habilitation timesheets.

Does this apply to telehealth visits?

At this time this does not apply to telehealth. Telehealth timesheets will still be entered in on the FMS website. If this changes, Springbrook will alert users.

What should staff do if they work back-to-back shifts? For example, Respite from 12:00 - 2:00 and Com Hab from 2:00 - 4:00?

Staff should punch out at the end of shift one (2:00 here) and punch back in with a different service code (CH in this example) immediately afterward.

My staff cannot login to EVV as their password is not working. What should they do?

Staff should email sdssupport@springbrookny.org for a password reset. If they are still having issues they should contact the SDS Coordinator for that individual.


For more information on Electronic Visit Verification, please visit the NYS DOH website. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Self-Directed Services office at selfdirection@springbrookny.org.

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