I am very proud to be a Springbrook DSP. I enjoy working with all of the people who I support, and I absolutely relish watching each and every one of them grow on a daily basis. It has been such a privilege helping them overcome many obstacles they have been faced with over the last couple of months. Everyone at Springbrook has been doing such an exceptional job supporting residents and students in the difficult times we are facing. Without our teammates and Home Units, we would not get through this easily. So, on that note, thank you to all of Springbrook for doing such a great job. I am extremely lucky to have such great teammates and a great work location at this time (Johnston Circle) in Sidney NY. We have all done such an amazing job working together to ensure all of the residents have everything they need to be happy every day. I want to thank the whole house for working together and encouraging each other daily. We have become family and a great family at that. I would also like to thank my coworker Jessica Chase, who works with me at Day Hab, for being here with me. Jessica is a hard worker and we work amazingly together. We accomplish so much and get many things done. We keep residents busy and have so many fantastic ideas for activities.

Anne Keller
Day Habilitation Assistant, Oneonta Capstone

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