The last year has shown us all the power of communication – and this adds to our excitement for a new program rolling out at the Tom Golisano Center for Autism at Springbrook! This program is possible thanks to the generosity of the non-profit organization, Someone Else’s Child (SEC), which supports children’s causes throughout the U.S. and Africa. SEC has generously supported our partnership with Livox. This company has created state-of-the-art technology that affords students who have communicative difficulties the opportunity to express their feelings and wishes via a new app on their devices. “The Livox program is amazing and inspiring,” shares Michael Christian, Managing Director of SEC. “We have seen the impact it has, with children smiling because they are finally able to express their feelings, and parents in tears because they are now able to truly converse with their child.” We are excited to see the positive effects this new app will have at the School at Springbrook, and we thank SEC for their support of our partnership with Livox. This generosity and forward-thinking technology will help students at Springbrook as they connect with their loved ones and share their feelings, hopes, and dreams for the future.


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