It is undeniable that at one point or another in life we all need a helping hand. With this understanding, the Springbrook HELP Committee was formed. Funded through donations to the Springbrook Foundation, the committee provides financial assistance to applicants in need. Health and safety is prioritized but requests for activities, equipment, daily necessities, and holiday gifts are also considered. This year, HELP Committee grants have provided individuals with a variety of opportunities and resources including adaptive ski lessons, adaptive safety equipment, tablets for communication, new mattresses, school supplies, clothing, and dozens of Christmas gifts. The appreciation of every recipient and their family is overwhelming and this gratitude is owed to all the donors who give to Springbrook’s annual fund. A recent note from a parent reads: “Thank you for everything you do to make our life and so many others easier…he absolutely loved his gift! I wish you could have seen his face.” Every donation makes a difference, to give today click here.

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