For Gordon Mumbulo, the past year in the Sidney Plains region has been about creating a solid foundation for leadership, teamwork, and, most importantly, support. Gordon is the assistant director for the Sidney Plains region of community homes, and he recently celebrated 15 years of service at Springbrook. His leadership style is all about bringing people together, making people feel like someone has their back, and creating systems so that teams can work together to achieve their goals.

Gordon shared that one of the greatest successes of the expansion in the region has been that there is much more support – for staff and residents. Resources and support have transformed the five community homes in the Sidney Plains region, as it has connected them to a larger network of talented staff to help them with decisions, challenges, and new projects. In turn, this has brought even more abundance into the lives of the residents living in the region. Moving forward, Gordon hopes to see the region continue to flourish, and with his dedication, we know it will! Thank you, Gordon, for all that you do for Springbrook!

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