“If anyone embodies ‘Springbrook,’ it would be Buddy,” says Stephanie Davy, director of community homes. Buddy Holling has worked with the organization for 40 years, and according to Stephanie, he has “done it all.” Buddy started his career right out of high school and worked on campus in a residence unit. After 11 years of working in a direct support position at the school, Buddy moved between community homes in various roles as they needed assistance, which included Ford Ave. and opening The Pines community home. Eventually, he found a place at Springbrook’s Capstone Day Habilitation as a day hab coordinator when it moved to the former St. Mary’s School building. As a coordinator, Buddy spent more time with paperwork than with the people, so he stepped down. For the past three years, Buddy has worked as an assistant residential manager at Stone Quarry, where he works with a resident he’s known for 38 years of his career.

Buddy’s passion has always been working directly with people who choose Springbrook’s services; he has worked with residents and participants through every moment and milestone, from learning new signs and conducting drills to supporting people through the death of a friend. His impact at Springbrook has been memorable and widespread: when he walks into a residence or day hab, he is recognized by people he has known since his first job at Springbrook. Stephanie Davy reiterated this point: “Buddy has formed relationships with everyone he has worked with, including students, residents, day hab participants, and employees alike. Buddy’s dedication is inspiring as he has truly spent a lifetime with Springbrook and has encompassed the mission and vision.”

This is why Buddy’s departure from Springbrook after 40 years will prove challenging for both him and the residents, participants, and staff when he leaves the organization next month. Stephanie conveyed our sentiments by adding, “Buddy is an irreplaceable team member—we all wish you the best on your new adventure. Cheers, Buddy!”

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