25 years is an incredible milestone for a career, especially in this day and age when people change jobs often and the average time in a position is just over four years. We are immensely proud of these milestone employees and are pleased to bring their stories of celebration to our community!

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Anna Stathoudakis – Residence Counselor Overnight

An organization’s continued growth and success depends on having hard-working and devoted employees like 25-year Milestone employee, Anna Stathoudakis. Anna started her Springbrook journey volunteering at a classroom on the main campus, where she was hired to work shortly thereafter. Anna then took a position at the Kids Unlimited Preschool. From there, she went to Springbrook’s day habilitation program, staying until 2001. Then she started overnights at the Morris Community Home and remains there until this day.

Anna loves going to different houses to help out, especially when she sees the residents smile at her because they recognize a familiar face. She has fun taking residents for day or overnight trips to the places they really enjoy. This experience has given Anna a very unique and accurate portrait of working at Springbrook. Her advice to new employees, Anna muses, “Take to heart the advice [the current staff] give you and try it out. Eventually, you will add your own unique skills, because we are all different.!”

When she is not providing service at Springbrook, Anna has a vibrant and productive personal life and is no stranger to excitement. She was once stuck in a Greek gorge walking tour, her knees gave out, and they took her out by a five-hour mule ride. Anna loves reading and is currently enjoying The Perfect Father, a true-crime novel by John Glatt. It’s likely she will be reading a similar genre book on the cruise ship deck during her upcoming vacation to Bermuda!

Congratulations on your Springbrook Milestone, Anna, and thank you so much for your 25 years of service.

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